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IS 349 is dedicated to 21st-century learning. Every day, students use the latest technology to research information, complete multimedia projects, and share what they learn with one another. Students graduate with the technology fluency that will help them succeed in both academics and their career.

Fully Stocked Classrooms

All of our classrooms are equipped with the latest technological resources including interactive Promethean Boards that allow teachers and students to write and draw directly on the screen. Our school maintains two state-of-the-art computer labs, several laptop carts, two iPad carts and two portable laptop STEM labs.

Collaboration in the Cloud

Each student is issued as IS 349 Google Account, which enables a multitude of collaborative learning tasks. Using their Google Accounts, students:

  • Collaboratively create documents using Google Docs
  • Prepare presentations using Google Slides
  • Submit assignments using Google Classroom
  • Communicate with teachers using Gmail
  • Remind themselves of homework using Google Keep
  • Track deadlines using Google Calendar

Technology as the Curriculum

All of our students also take a class in technology to build their technology skills: designing and programming Lego MindStorm robots, learning to program and design their own websites, make games for their peers to play, and build real-world objects using a 3D printer.