Optical Academy Glasses: Free Vision Screening & Glasses

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Optical Academy Glasses: Free Vision Screening & Glasses

Vision Screening Program: Optical Academy will be coming to your child’s school this month. The Optical Academy Program works within schools to provide vision services to children in targeted grades. This vision screening does not replace the need for a more comprehensive eye exam.

Vision Screening Process: The vision screening program consists of the following services: 
1. The first vision screening will be conducted by the Optical Academy team to check the student’s ability to see near and far. Most students will pass this screening. 
2. Vision Assessment by eye doctor: For students who have trouble in the first screening, a doctor will provide an additional vision assessment to determine if the child needs glasses and/or a full examination. 3. Eyeglasses: If a student needs eyeglass, a pair will be provided to him/her. The selection and distribution of the eyeglasses will happen at the school. Most Eyeglasses will be made on site in their vision lab. 
4. Referral for Eye Exam: If your child needs a more comprehensive eye exam, you will receive a notification. If you do not have an eye doctor, we encourage you to contact your insurance company or health plan to find a doctor who is covered under your benefits. We will also provide names of doctors in your area.
 5. Record of services: The school health office will have a copy of the results of your child’s screening.    

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