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It takes each of us to make a difference for ALL of us

Vision Statement

All students deserve a high-quality, relevant, and rigorous education with resources to prepare them for success in college, career, and life.

Mission Statement

The community, families, business partners, administrators, students, and staff work together to create an academic, physical, emotional, social, and safe environment where everyone can trust, learn and respect one another. We care about ourselves and others to create, support and maintain powerful, highly engaged critical learning in Math and Science. We dare to use innovative techniques to enhance lifelong learning through technology, the multiple intelligences, varied instructional strategies, and interdisciplinary units. We share our cultural backgrounds to nurture growth, responsibility, and productivity by celebrating our diversity within a positive school-wide atmosphere and by promoting sportsmanship, after school activities, school spirit, and pride in ourselves through our daily studies and our educational accomplishments.

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Recent News

IS 349 Notice of Expedited Nominations & Elections for Parent Association

I.S. 349 will be hosting expedited nominations and elections for positions on our 2022-2023 school year Parent Association Executive Board. These positions are vital to our school community and we urge you to consider volunteering and holding a position in one of our parent committee executive boards. Please see

Back to School 2022-23

On September 8, 2022, we will welcome students back to New York City public schools for the first day of the 2022-23 school year. We are so excited to begin this journey together. Visit the updated Back to School 2023-23 DOE Website School Year 2022-23. ON this page, you will find important information and updates about academic policies, health and safety protocols, support services for students and families, and more. Check out the Back to School Checklist, also attached for helpful tips on preparing your child for a great start to the new year! Looking forward to working together!

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