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Parent Advisory Council (PAC)

What is a Parent Advisory Council (PAC)?

The Role of the Parental Involvement Advisory Council:

  • Attend the Advisory Council Meetings
  • Help review and confirmed the Parental Involvement Policy/Plan
  • Act as an advocate for the Parent Involvement Program

Parent Advisory Councils (PAC)

Each Title I school is required to have a Title I Parent Advisory Council (PAC). The Principal of the school selects two parents to serve as chairperson and co-chairman of the school's Title I PAC. Title I teachers work with the school's principal and the Parent Advisory Council chairperson in developing a Title I Parent Policy for the school. All Title I schools are required to hold an annual Title I meeting at the beginning of the school year. This affords the parents the opportunity to learn more about Title I and begins a communication process between parents/teachers/school administrators. The Parent Advisory Council plans and carries out other Title I programs throughout the school year. See your child's Title I teacher to find out the date of the next Parent Advisory Council meeting.

Goals and Objectives

  1. To ensure effective involvement of all parents of Title I participating children and to support the partnership between other school community stakeholders (school administration and staff, Parent Association and School Leadership Team).
  2. To involve parents of Title I participating students in an organized and timely manner with the planning, review and implementation of Title I programs and the joint development of the school parental involvement policy and the school-parent compact.
  3. To recruit parents of Title I participating students for involvement in professional development opportunities, meetings, conferences and other related activities designed to enhance the role of parents in supporting the education of their children and advancing their own educational needs.
  4. To provide information to parents of Title I participating students regarding Title I issues, and in consultation with other parents to bring questions, concerns, and ideas regarding Title I related issues to the attention of school staff, administration and other school community stakeholders.
  5. To develop a spending plan in consultation with other parents of Title I participating students recommending how the school’s minimum Title I 1% parent involvement allocation can be best utilized to support the needs of all Title I parents.


Elections for the Parent Advisory Council Chairperson and Designee will be held in accordance with the Chancellor’s Regulation A-660 Waiver

  • Extends deadline for holding PA/PTA, Parent Advisory Council, and School Leadership elections to October 31, 2020, and extends current officers’ terms until elections are held.