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Parent Advisory Council (PAC)

What is a Parent Advisory Council (PAC)?

The Role of the Parental Involvement Advisory Council:

  • Attend the Advisory Council Meetings
  • Help review and confirmed the Parental Involvement Policy/Plan
  • Act as an advocate for the Parent Involvement Program


All Monthly Parent Association & Parent Advisory Council Meetings                

are recorded and saved by the Parent Association Recording Secretary.


We urge our parent members to consider holding positions in our parent committees. No experience is necessary, all parents qualify for positions.  Language Access is also available. Assistance and support will be provided to those parents who decide to join the Parent Association Executive Board, Parent Advisory Council or School Leadership Team. Remember you do not have to be at the school every day to be an active part of the school community

2-Year Term 
Parent Advisory Council


Mariana Lema



Darlene De Jesus-Guitard