2022 NYC School Survey

Available in ten languages, the survey collects information designed to support a dialogue among all members of your school community about how to make your school a better place to learn. Results of the survey will be shared with school staff in the summer to support planning for the coming school year.  Results will be released publicly with the School Quality Report in the fall of 2022.  

For the first time this year, families can access the survey by logging into their NYC Schools Account (NYCSA). You can also take the survey by going to www.nycschoolsurvey.org.  Parents/Guardians need only their child’s nine-digit Student Identification (OSIS) Number to complete the survey. Parents will enter a lowercase “f” and their child’s nine-digit number as the survey code (e.g., f123456789) to complete their unique survey.  Families can find their student’s ID number on a report card, a student ID card, or in their NYC Schools Account (NYCSA).