Invitation to the Fourth District 32 BLM Consortium "Cultivating an Upstander Culture" on Wednesday, June 1 from 5pm - 7pm on Zoom. For more information and to register click here.

We are reaching out to invite everyone to our a series meant to foster safe spaces for our school communities to speak our truth, empower difficult but necessary conversations, and most importantly, to grow our collective capacity to engage in equity work and activism in service of our students towards a more inclusive and hopeful future for all. The latest installment of our series will be focused on "Cultivating an Upstander Culture," which will address the topic of Macroaggressions. Macroaggressions can be defined as brief and commonplace daily verbal, behavioral or environment indignities, whether intentional or unintentional, that communicate negative slights and insults towards marginalized people. We will spend our time together exploring examples of macroaggressions and its impact on individuals within our community, learn about different ways to interrupt macroaggressions productively, and last, but not least, examine ways we can heal from macroaggressions. 


It will be hosted and facilitated by members of our District 32 D.E.I. Committee and participating schools. All are welcome--students, parents, family members, community members, as well as school staff. Spanish translation will be available


Use link on attached flyers below to register in advance.