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Salvadori’s mission is to teach K-12 students math, science, and the arts through a collaborative, hands-on, project-based approach that uses the built environment ~ buildings, bridges, parks, and communities ~ to show students how STEAM is relevant to their lives.

Salvadori’s vision is to:

  • make math, science, and the arts intellectually accessible for all learners
  • help students comprehend and succeed at grade-level math and science
  • foster appreciation for STEAM (science, technology, engineering, arts/architecture, and math)
  • lay the foundation for future STEAM degrees and/or careers


Salvadori values an approach that builds vital 21st century college and career skills:

  • Collaboration ~ working together to hypothesize, build, test, and solve problems
  • Critical thinking ~ analyzing how and why things work
  • Creativity ~ posing creative solutions to real-world challenges
  • Communication ~ listening, learning, and articulating complex ideas and concepts

We value our process that engages all students, provides results that reflect high levels of
ownership, directly supports educational standards, and promotes college and career readiness.

Maintain a high level of partner satisfaction ~ principals, teachers, funders, staff, and Board. Successful partnerships require continual collaboration, assessment, and feedback.

Goal 1: Strive to understand and help achieve our partners’ goals.

  1. Establish long-term relationships with a 70% or better client retention rate.
  2. Establish long-term funding relationships ~ multi-year grants, ongoing operating/program support.

Goal 2: Create mutually beneficial partnerships with shared goals and interests.

  1. Increase awareness of Salvadori’s programs and impact through organizations and individuals who promote our work due to shared objectives.
  2. Enter three new program and/or funding partnerships by June 2023.

Maintain a high level of program & product quality ~ curricula, instruction, and materials. Salvadori’s success lies in tools and the methods of our approach.
Goal 1: Continually evaluate and improve curricula and related materials.

  1. Ensure curricula align with applicable educational standards.
  2. Provide clarity on how Salvadori’s programs support school objectives

Goal 2: Maintain 5-tier assessment/evaluation program and robust training.

  1. Measure program effectiveness and responsiveness to partner goals
  2. Maintain a high quality instruction through a culture of improvement

Explore opportunities to serve more students through significant program expansion. Salvadori is a high quality program that works ~ we should find ways to reach more students.
Goal 1: Develop a cost effective mechanism to double the number of students taught.

  1. Bring Salvadori’s collaborative, project-based, STEAM curricula to 17,000 students per year by June 2023 (baseline: 8,444 students taught in 2017/2018).
  2. Raise significant awareness of the impact and value of Salvadori’s programs.

Goal 2: Identify corporate/foundation underwriting for a multi-year program.

  1. Provide impactful STEAM education at no cost to NYC students.
  2. Secure the financing to develop a new curriculum for a different grade each year ~ have three curricula (5th, 7th, & 9th grades) by June 2023.

Engage the next generation of leaders ~ staff, Board, volunteers, clients, advocates, etc. Long-term survival will require passion and commitment by the next generation of leaders.
Goal 1: Establish an engaged corps of mid-level built environment professionals (architects, engineers, etc.) who are committed to Salvadori’s mission.

  1. Establish passionate advocates within the supportive industries.
  2. Provide pathways to leadership and opportunities to hone vital career skills.

Goal 2: Establish new connections to fundraising, marketing, and public awareness.

    1. Produce fundraising and awareness campaigns that engage new audiences.
    2. Maintain awareness of current trends and changes in funding and advocacy.

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