Socio-Emotional Supports

I.S. 349 has always been a place where our students have felt supported, whether it is with transitioning from elementary school to middle school, family difficulties or feeling overwhelmed academically. 


During this time of COVID-19, it has become evident that the common issues that affected our students and families are now magnified.  What this means is that the staff is prepared to be more vigilant than ever before to identify students or families that need support and thereby provide the necessary resources.


It is reasonable to understand that if a student/family is struggling with adversity, that the student’s academic success will be negatively impacted.


Our staff is prepared to listen and observe to identify those students/families that need socio-emotional support.


Now more than ever it is important to look out for one another because the effects of COVID-19 will remain with our community for a long time to come.